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AWS Internet of Things Accept Certificate Transfer

Accepts a pending certificate transfer

AWS Internet of Things Cancel Certificate Transfer

Cancels a pending transfer for the specified certificate

AWS Internet of Things Reject Certificate Transfer

Rejects a pending certificate transfer

Capital One DevExchange Get all transfers

Returns the transfers that you are involved in

Capital One DevExchange Create a transfer

Creates a transfer where the account with the ID specified is the payer

Capital One DevExchange Get transfer by id

Returns the transfer with the specific id

Stripe Get Transfers

Returns a list of existing transfers sent to connected accounts

Stripe Get Transfers Reversals

You can see a list of the reversals belonging to a specific transfer

Stripe Add Transfers Reversals

Post Transfers, , Reversals

Stripe Add Transfers

Post Transfers

Stripe Get Transfers Transfer

Retrieves the details of an existing transfer

Stripe Add Transfers Transfer

Post Transfers, Transfer

Stripe Get Transfers Transfer Reversals

By default, you can see the 10 most recent reversals stored directly on the transfer object, but you can also retrieve details about a specific reversal stored on the transfer

Stripe Add Transfers Transfer Reversals

Updates the specified reversal by setting the values of the parameters passed

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